Selling At Auction:


Selling at auction offers a number of significant advantages:

1. The seller controls all aspects of the sale and there are no contingencies. Negotiations about price, terms and deal-killing contingencies are eliminated.
2. Auction marketing is comprehensive and effective. A well-designed auction marketing program will generate abundant interest in a short time, and is far more effective than a traditional listing
3. Auctions produce faster sales, reduced carrying costs and higher profits. The seller controls the auction date and the closing deadline so the entire process can happen quickly and on schedule.

Auctions avoid the risk of under-pricing. An auction allows bidders to establish the true market value of a property, even if it is higher than the listing price might have been.


An auction sale is more likely to close quickly and successfully. Only serious and qualified bidders are likely to bid, as a winning bidder without the financial wherewithal needed for closing will lose his or her deposit.

For these reasons and many others, real estate auctions are the preferred method of selling real estate in many parts of the country and the world.



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