Buying At Auction:


A real estate auction can be a particularly effective way to buy property.

1. Auctions are fair and transparent. The terms are the same for everyone, the playing field is level and there are no behind-the-scenes deals.
2. Everyone has an equal chance to buy. Each bidder receives the same information about the property and everyone has an equal chance to buy the property.
3. Annoying, time-consuming negotiations and delays are eliminated. You name your own price. The stressful and sometimes endless offer-counter-offer process is eliminated.

Auctions are predictable. An auction happens on a known date with a known closing date that you can plan around.

5. Buyers can make good investments. The winning buyer knows they are getting the property at a fair market price set by public bidding and that someone else was willing to buy the property for only one bid increment less.

For these reasons and many others, real estate auctions have been the preferred method of buying property worldwide for hundreds of years.




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